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Busy Kids Can Equal Success

We’ve all heard it… “Don’t overbook your children.” Studies urge parents to make sure their children are not scheduled every minute of the day. The fear is that children (teens) involved in too many after-school activities will lose focus on their education and be stressed out and tired. While this may be true in some cases, extracurricular activities do offer a host of benefits:

  • Improve your child’s self-confidence
  • Promote self-discipline
  • Aid in college acceptance

Playing an instrument or a sport allows your child experiences that will build confidence and teach discipline. Through practice, he/she will improve, thereby creating successful experiences that will bolster self-esteem and increase proficiency. Scheduled activities automatically tell your child where and when he/she needs to be, so this can be very valuable in helping your child understand the importance of scheduling time for homework as well as duties at home. Teaching children the art of “keeping the balance” at an early age is an important lesson they will use for the rest of their life.

Extra-curricular activities can make the difference in a college choosing your child over another; this is especially true when it comes to receiving scholarships. Colleges seek out students who are well-rounded and show a willingness to participate in a variety of activities. They are looking for individuals who have the confidence to explore new avenues of learning and/or further develop skills and talents while at the same time maintaining good grades.

Handled wisely, extra-curricular activities can teach your child important lessons about balancing priorities and responsibilities as well as build character and leadership qualities. The talent your child develops might just change your child’s life. Go for it! But remember to keep the balance.